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Traffic Safety

Please be kind and respectful on the road!  Drive like your children live in the neighborhood and observe safe traffic rules.  In particular, please review the traffic safety map below and observe parking signs. Do not park in the staff lot, bus zone, or valet zone. 

img map

School Valet (7:40 am - 8:06 am)

img of a car stopingPlease review the rules and respect valet team volunteers.  We rely on fellow parents to sustain our School Valet service at drop off times in the morning.  The volunteering shifts are only 10-20 minutes long and are a pleasant experience to help our school and students.  Please volunteer at least once a month.  To sign up for school safety valet volunteering, please contact our school office. 

  1. Do all your kisses and hugs before getting into the car.
  2. Prepare your child as the car enters the valet lane. Your child should be unbuckled and ready, with their backpack, when the door opens.
  3. Your child should be seated on the passenger side, clear of bulky items on the floor.
  4. Drive your car all the way to the yellow sign (or stop sign).
  5. Allow the valet volunteer to assist your child.
  6. Drive your car courteously, as if your children live in the neighborhood.
  7. Enter the valet lane no later than 7:45 am.
  8. Respect the valet volunteers and honor their requests.
  9. Respect the rules of traffic safety for all adults and children.
  10. Give back and join our team of volunteers. We need your help. Refer your friends!
  11. Do not honk the horn.
  12. Do not be in a hurry.
  13. Do no exit your vehicle.
  14. Do not halt your car halfway.
  15. Do not allow your child to exit the car on their own, even if traffic is stopped (this will slow the flow of cars).
  16. No U-turns allowed on Braddock Drive.