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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the teaching model for Mandarin immersion (MI)? 
The Mandarin Immersion (MI) program at Braddock is a 50/50 two-way immersion model; instruction is 50% in English and 50% in Mandarin. Students spend half the day in Mandarin and half in English.

What are the goals of the MI Program at Braddock?
The goals for all students are: bilingualism and biliteracy, grade-level academic achievement in English and in the target language, and positive cross-cultural competencies. We also educate them to be thinkers and creative problem solvers with our child centered teaching approach.

What are the benefits of being bilingual?
Multiple research has shown lifetime benefits of bilingualism including cognitive development, social-emotional development, learning reinforcement of home language, and long-term success.  There is also compelling evidence for bilingual children to surpass monolingual children in upper grades subjects including math, science, and English.

How can non-native speakers be successful in the program?
We welcome families with no Mandarin background to join in Kindergarten for the best learning opportunity to start early and succeed.  We encourage parental involvement and home reinforcement to learn with the child from all backgrounds.  In addition, we offer the following support on campus to assist non-native speakers in acquiring Mandarin:  Ni Hao Mandarin After School for homework support; online learning tools from school to learn with your child; parent committees and community to offer personal experiences; and UCLA TIE-INS tutoring where available.

Are the Mandarin teachers Bilingual Crosscultural Language in Academic Development (BCLAD) certified? 
All LAUSD teachers teaching in a bilingual program are required to have BCLAD certification. The English teacher is not required to have BCLAD certification because the English teacher is not teaching another language. However, the English teacher has CLAD certification as all LAUSD teachers are required to have CLAD certification to teach English Learners. 

How many classes will the MI program at Braddock have?
Two classes per grade with 50 students for the incoming Kindergarten.

Is Braddock part of Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) or Culver City Unified School District (CCUSD)?

When are school tours given?
Please click HERE to see current tour dates available and to sign up for tours.

How do I register my child in the Mandarin Immersion Program? 
Please see our page on Mandarin Immersion Program enrollment

What are the attendance boundaries for Braddock?
Visit the LAUSD Resident School Identifier. Please enter your residential address to verify Braddock Drive Elementary as your designated resident school.

How do I transfer from another LAUSD school? 
Intra-District (within LAUSD) permits are no longer required. 

How do I transfer from another school district? 
If you live outside the boundaries of LAUSD, AFTER the student has been accepted into Braddock, visit the Permits and Student Transfers website to apply online for an Incoming Inter-District Permit.

Can I enroll my child(ren) in 1st grade? 
Yes, the district's current foreign languages immersion program policy allows enrollment at first grade for a student who is new to the program.

Can I enroll my child(ren) in 2nd grade and beyond? 
In some cases, a new student who has proficiency in the target language, Mandarin, may be enrolled into the MI program beyond grade 1.

Do you accept students with an Individualized Education Program (IEP) or other disabilities?
Yes, we have students with disabilities in all programs.  Please bring in the IEP to ensure appropriate placement.

What is the school size?
Approximately 600 students are enrolled, Pre-K through 5th grade in the Community, Mandarin Immersion (MI) and Gifted Magnet Program combined.

How are the Gifted Magnet and the community school integrated with the MI program?
Every program has its own teachers. However, students, depending on the grade, may be mixed for recess, lunch, and school wide activities. Teachers also collaborate across program, within, and outside their grade level. 

Will transportation be provided for MI program students?
No. Transportation will not be provided for MI program students.

Will students in the MI program earn Magnet points?
No. However, there are ways to earn Magnet points.

Is before and after school care available on campus?
Before school care is provided from 6.36a – 8.06a by Ready Set Go (subject to availability) After school care is provided from school dismissal until 6.00p by LA’s Best, Youth Services, and STAR Galaxy. Click HERE for more information.