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Sample Schedule

img of children listening

The day starts with 159 min of education in one language and continues with 160 min of education in the other language. The order of languages alternates every day: if one day starts with Mandarin in the morning, the next day will start with English in the morning, etc.

7:40am–8:06am: Gate is open for drop-off

8:06am–8:15am (9 min): Opening activities

8:15am–9:15am (60 min):

  • English language development for English Learners
  • Mandarin language development for English-only or Fluent English Proficient students

9:15am–9:50am (35 min): Language arts

9:50am–10:10am: RECESS

10:10am–11:05am (55 min): Math


11:05am–11:40am (35 min): Language arts

11:40am–12:20pm: LUNCH

12:20pm–12:45pm (25 min): Language arts

12:45pm–1:15pm (30 min): Independent work time

1:15pm–2:00pm (45 min): Social Science/Science/Art/Music

2:00pm–2:25pm (25 min): Physical education (except Tuesdays)